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Our Team

Zoe Waters

CEO and Founder

Zoe is the youngest, highest-certified sexual abuse advocate in the United States and cares deeply about social justice. Along with that, she is a certified death doula and sexual health educator and brings all of her knowledge into her work. Zoe is the true definition of a virgo - meticulous, analytical, and really trying to make the world a better place.

She graduated in May 2021 from the University of Iowa with a degree in Social Justice with an emphasis in Health, a certificate from University of Iowa in Resilience and Trauma Informed Perspectives, a certificate from University of Illinois in Digital Media Marketing, and a certificate from Harvard in Coding. She seeks to promote education and awareness by speaking out against unhealthy social norms, pushing for a culture of consent, and promoting healthy sexuality. Ultimately, she's working to create global change and impact everyday lives and work settings for a safer future for us all.

You can likely find her cooking something with pasta, watching Netflix's Explained series, again, or walking on the beach late at night listening to the newest edition of Lemon-Aid.

She is based in Los Angeles, California and can be reached at


Eman Salah

Business Administration Intern

 Eman strives through anonymity. She believes that her name is not important as much as what she advocates for. She advocates for human rights and believe that there is no such thing as Black rights or LGBTQ+ since they are all humans. We are all equal and should be treated in the same way. Moreover, she likes to spread awareness on sexual health and consent. At the end of the day, she believes that our differences makes us normal not the similarities.


Sumiya Priya

Business Administration Staff


Elmira Salykova

Astrology Staff

 Elmira is majoring in French at the University of Strasbourg, France. She graduated in June 2021 and plans to go to graduate school to pursue a career in publishing. In her free time, you can find her baking some bread, planning outfits for a week ahead, watching reality shows, or filming tiktoks. IG: itsnotelmira


Aikaterini Balassis

Astrology Staff

Katerina is an English Major at Fordham University in New York. She is graduating in 2024 and hopes to work in something related to her field. In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix, hang out with friends, read books, obsess over astrology, and do tarot. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. If you want to find her on Instagram, @limerencekatt.


London Allen

Editorial Department Head


Kathryn Mchugh

Editorial Intern

 Kathryn (though usually called Katie) lives near the shores of Long Island, New York, but is currently studying English at Boston University. She later hopes to land a career in publishing, and is always looking for opportunities to spread positivity and awareness. If she’s not writing or studying, then she’s probably working out, reading books, dancing in heels, or asking for ice cream. Her instagram is @katiexmchugh.


Rose Luzadder

Editorial Intern


Yogi Madramootoo

Editorial Intern


Karishma Patel

Finance Intern


Teonn Potts Jr

Finance Intern


Brandon White

Finance Staff


Shay Pietila

Graphic Design Department Head

Jackson Mcalister

Graphic Design Staff


Maddie Stein

Graphic Design Intern


Tina Deng

Graphic Design Intern


Tarun Ranganathan

Marketing Intern 


Bethany Crevoisier

Multimedia Department Head


Brittanni Allen

Multimedia Intern


Susana Suffolk

Multimedia Intern

Susie is a senior at California Lutheran University majoring in Film and T.V. with a communications minor. She has always had a passion for storytelling. In her free time she enjoys making videos, watching films and reviewing them on letterboxd, listening to podcasts, walking her dog Zeus, and researching pop culture related topics. She’s an Aquarius and INFJ.


Asmita Jalote

Social Media Department Head

 Asmita is a rising college Freshman at Arizona State University, majoring in Computer Science. She loves drawing, painting, and pretty much any activity that involves art. During her free time you can find her journaling about her favorite songs, scrolling through Tiktok, or taking a much needed nap.

IG: @/asmita.jalote


Cameron Marr

Social Media Staff

Cameron Marr is a junior at University of North Carolina at Charlotte majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. She loves to volunteer with non profits and has worked with a lot of different ones in her time. When not at school she is working her part time at a local restaurant. She enjoys watching Netflix, reading books, and hanging out with friends and family.
After Graduation she plans to work for a PR firm or for a large corporation in the Public relations field. She also plans to move to a different state so she can explore the world at the same time. One of her biggest dreams is to be the press secretary for the President of United States one day.
You can find her on Instagram @cammythatbeast. 


Davina Efetie

Social Media Liaison



Miranda Liang

Product Designer Staff

Miranda Liang is a detail-oriented Product Designer. She loves to dig into client’s problems and present solutions. Creating new digital product designs from initial concepts to finished products.She also experienced project coordination for a year and a half. The unique background helps her to build useful and valuable digital products.She enjoys surrounding by nature and spends her free time hiking and traveling. She also loves photographing to capture all beautiful moments.

Instagram: @mirandaliang_


Evan Lancaster

UI/UX Staff


Dennis Santoso

Tech Intern