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Our Team

Zoe Waters

CEO and Founder

Zoe is the youngest, highest-certified sexual abuse advocate in the United States and cares deeply about social justice. Along with that, she is a certified death doula and sexual health educator and brings all of her knowledge into her work. Zoe is the true definition of a virgo - meticulous, analytical, and really trying to make the world a better place.

She graduated in May 2021 from the University of Iowa with a degree in Social Justice with an emphasis in Health, a certificate from University of Iowa in Resilience and Trauma Informed Perspectives, a certificate from University of Illinois in Digital Media Marketing, and a certificate from Harvard in Coding. She seeks to promote education and awareness by speaking out against unhealthy social norms, pushing for a culture of consent, and promoting healthy sexuality. Ultimately, she's working to create global change and impact everyday lives and work settings for a safer future for us all.

You can likely find her cooking something with pasta, watching Netflix's Explained series, again, or walking on the beach late at night listening to the newest edition of Lemon-Aid.

She is based in Los Angeles, California and can be reached at


Isabelle Ribeiro

Business Administration Staff


Hezekiah Ortiz

Astrology Staff

 Marked by his charm, universality, and go-getter spirit, Hezekiah joins Necessary Behavior's Astrology Department. In 2018 his world transformed when he found the AstroCodex, an astrological encyclopedia. The astrologer's manuscripts "replaced" his major textbooks as he fell obsessed by the deep, covert wisdom. Though inspired by a new belief system, the site vanished in 2019.
Now, he's pursuing a professional track at the National Geocosmic Center for Research in Washington, DC; Expected to obtain a Instructional Certification in 2023.
His educational background includes a BA in Global Studies from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.
Weightlifting, Lyric Writing, and Sprints are his favored hobbies.


Madeline Esp

Astrology Intern


Zunzeiry Melendez

Astrology Intern

 I consider myself a Hard-Working, Dedicated, and Driven Person. I will be attending Middlesex Community College in the Spring, as a Biomedical Engineering Major. I enjoy nature walks, going shopping, binge-watching Sci-Fi and Horror Movies, but most of all I like reading. I have Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, and Libra Rising, but I consider my self to be Earth Sign Dominant as I am very stubborn. If you were to look through my Apple Music, my top Artists would definitely be Lana Del Ray and Red Velvet.


London Allen

Editorial Department Head

 London is a writer and student studying for her B.A. in English Lit. She is passionate about all things social justice and is a strong advocate of underrepresented communities. When she is not writing, she can be found bitchin’ about capitalism, listening to french music, and attempting to master the splits. She can also be found @lelondresla on twitter!


Yogi Madramootoo

Editorial Staff


Norlena Piseth

Editorial Intern

 Hello! I’m Lena, I’m currently in Year 11 of high school and entering my ( hopefully ) last year of IGCSEs! And, if things go well, I’ll be starting off my A-Levels soon enough. I want to gain experience outside of coursework, as well as help advocate for causes worthwhile. When I’m not out and about being productive, I simply like to lie around and shut off my brain.


Sophia Gravitch

Editorial Intern

 Hi there! My name is Sophia (she/her). I'm a 4th year student at Sonoma State University, studying for a B.A in Liberal Studies. When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending time with my friends, playing music, and hanging out with my cat!


Teonn Potts Jr

Finance Department Head

Teonn is a Finance major born and raised in Seattle, Wa. He spends his free time playing basketball, videogames, watching anime, or hanging out with friends/family.      


Jackson Mcalister

Graphic Design Department Head


Chloe Grucza

Graphic Design Intern

Chloe Grucza (she/they) is a senior Graphic Design student at Moore College of Art and Design. She wants to be able to use her skills in design to educate and inspire. They are a gemini who loves to read queer fiction and would die for their German Shepherd Jimmy.


Quinton Quiero

Graphic Design Intern

Quinton Quiero was born in Rosamond, California and attends college at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. He is a self-taught artist with a passion for creative works and processes. Quinton finds joy in learning from those around him and sharing his ideas. You can reach him through his Instagram (skitsrs514) or through his email (


Aiya Zharmagambetova

Marketing Intern

 My name is Aiya, this year got my Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences. I am passionate about marketing, traveling, psychology and self care. You can find me on Instagram @withloveaiya


Ethan Hoock

Marketing Intern

  Hi, I'm Ethan. I am a senior marketing major currently studying at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I'm born and raised here is Mass in a town called Westford. I love enjoying the outdoors and golfing and spending time with those I love most. You'll most likely find me playing video games or watching some TV series on Netflix in my spare time. I hope to make a lasting impact on any community around me.


Katherine Martinez

Marketing/Social Media Intern

 Katherine is a Junior Psychology major and Spanish minor at Texas A&M University from Dallas, TX. She graduates in 2024 and hopes to go into Marketing or Public Relations. She is passionate about all things social justice and feminism, and loves to craft, thrift, listen to music, and watch movies in her free time. She's also an Aquarius, so she loves feeling unique - talk to her about her newest obscure music obsession or A24 films. You can reach her on Instagram @katherinemartinez__ .


Bethany Crevoisier

Multimedia Department Head

Bethany is unfathomable.


Gabriel Kalu

Multimedia Intern

  I am a Film Production graduate of SUNY University with an associate degree in Mass Communication, working mainly as a freelance PA on a number of short films in New York and in Los Angeles.  Editing in my free time, contributing the creative process of which I have tremendous love and passion  for ultimately aiming to one day creating my own works of art. Work is encompassing most of my days, I spend whatever's left of it asleep.


Vinchā Fossett

Podcast Production Intern


Lina Gaviria

Social Media Department Head

Lina is a 22-year-old student in her last semester of Social Communication and Journalism; she currently resides in Bogotá, Colombia, the city and country where she was born. She has completed in-depth studies in communication and fashion journalism and hopes to pursue a career in image consulting and social media marketing in the future. She has volunteered in her country and is passionate about joining projects that support and help vulnerable communities. Lina is passionate about traveling the world, visiting places and meeting people who add to her knowledge and cultural perspective. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, working as a makeup artist and spending time with her family. After graduation she plans to work in an organization that continues to contribute to her learning of the English language, that is committed to social responsibility and that is geared towards public relations with large international organizations. One of her biggest goals is to create her own company and help millions of women to feel beautiful with their appearance and their outfits, venturing into image consulting. 


Anna Capria

TikTok Content Intern

Anna is a 4th year student at Pennsylvania State University. She is pursuing a major in biobehavioral health and a minor in biomedical ethics. After graduation, she plans to attend law school. Anna is passionate about changing the world, and works for several nonprofits.Additionally, Anna is an honors student in the Schreyer Honors College, and has been involved with the student government where she advocates for improving student life.  She is also heavily involved in research at Penn State where she is a research assistant in a blood processing lab.Anna enjoys taking long hikes with her dog, reading, and cooking new recipes.


Leonie (Nini) Olivier

TikTok Content Intern

Nini is a film student from France. She loves good music and of course, going to the movies and a good Broadway show. Her biggest dream is to own cute corgis and dachshunds that she could walk around her neighborhood all day long. She is also a Pisces sun with a Sagittarius moon, wish makes her a sensitive girl boss. 


Shawanna Charles

Social Media Intern

Hi, I’m Shawanna (her/she/kisses)
I was born and raised in Toronto, and I spend most of my days creating art through different mediums, while simultaneously staying out of poverty. My passion is film, which is where I started at the beginning of this year until I realized that you can’t teach passion, and talent. Since leaving, I’ve been working on my craft; writing films, making short videos, and designing clothes for smaller artists. Although I’m currently running away from the winter, my dream is to make my own full-length film before the year ends. Stay tuned ;)



Carlos Galeano

UI/UX Intern

 Carlos Galeano, (His last name pronounced as 'Ga-lee-a-no'), is a senior college student pursuing a major in Communications Technology. He is focusing on improving his skills as a UX/UI designer and is discovering new ideas in creating a  prototype that best fits a certain application/website. He enjoys playing video games during his free time, as well as listening to music when working. And now, he is working on making desserts for his family, such as Banana Pudding.


Emily Marczyk

UI/UX Intern


Ihab Abou Diab

UI/UX Intern

Hi, my name is Ihab. I am from Henderson, Nevada. I have a passion for front-end development and UI/UX. In my free time, I love learning more about coding and how I can put my skills to good use. I also love spending time with friends and family.


Julius Gachuhi

Tech Staff