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Q. Are any of your team members paid?

A. Nope! Everyone here is unpaid and the small amount we make is either donated or recycled back into the company to pay our bills.


Q. How can I join the team?

A. We're so glad you would like to join Necessary Behavior! Check out our Join Our Team page!


Q. Why is it called Necessary Behavior?

A. It’s open to interpretation and means whatever it needs to mean within the moment. Overall, it means always speaking up, sharing resources, amplifying voices that are typically shut out of conversation, doing the right thing, and always continuing your own education.


Q. Why is the logo a lemon?

A. In the current climate, movements as our own can be seen as sour. Yes, we’re speaking against some of the oldest standards in the books and things that have become normal over too many years. We're sour about the violence people have experienced. Not to mention, lemons are pretty dang tasty. All of our logos have been created by Shay Pietila.


Q. How can I donate?

A. We are a for-profit organization, meaning that you can support us by purchasing some of our kick ass apparel! If you’d still like to donate, we’ve got a long list of organizations that could really benefit from a donation under our Resources tab.


Q. Who created the art for your merch and website?

A. Shay Pietila, Erika Fisher, Josie Cousineau, Ashleigh Bublinec, Lauren Hutton, Charalampos Elpasidis, Cassidy Huynh, Emily Fobian, Asya Wilson, or Zoe Waters.


Q. Where does the money go?

A. Past the cost of the actual clothing, usually made with Bella + Canvas line, 60% goes to BLM organizations and the Navajo Nation's COVID-19 Fund. 60% of the money that is left goes to the designer and the last 40% of profits goes right to our bills.