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Traveling the States during Covid-19 Part 1

Traveling in the United States during Covid 19 Part 1

As summer is upon us and more people are getting vaccinated, things are starting to open up in the United States. One thing that a lot of people like to do is travel, but depending on which state you go to, depends on what you can do. There may be certain restrictions and certain rules you have to follow in each state. 

Here is a list of the first 25 states, and their rules for traveling to their state!

Alaska- Alaska has recently eased its restrictions. Residents and nonresidents entering the state must fill out a traveler declaration form on the Alaska Travel portal that lists where they have traveled in the last 2 weeks and are asked to submit a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure to the state. Vaccinated travelers should be tested for Covid-19 but they do not have to follow strict social guidelines. Alaska offers free testing at the airport as soon as you arrive. 

Alabama- There are currently no travel restrictions to this state. Beaches, restaurants, and entertainment venues are open to the public. The only thing you will need to check is if there is a capacity limit for these venues and public attractions. 

Arizona- There are no travel restrictions in order to travel to Arizona. Most public attractions are open. You would need to contact each venue to see if they are open and how many people can visit at one time. 

Arkansas- There are no travel restrictions in this state. The traveler is to determine their risk and follow CDC guidelines.

California- Most of the state is open to out-of-state travelers again. People who are not fully vaccinated are encouraged but not required to self-quarantine upon entering the state. All restrictions, except events or conventions with 5000 people or more, are expected to be lifted by June 15th.

Colorado- There are no travel restrictions for U.S. residents to travel to this state. You can go to their website to see what is available to do and see.

Connecticut- This state no longer has travel restrictions. Covid-19 tests and quarantines for nonvaccinated travelers are just recommended and no longer required. Travelers are asked to follow CDC guidelines.

Delaware- As of June 1st Delaware has lifted the short-term rental bans and out-of-statentines. Visitors are now required to follow the CDC guidelines.

Florida- There are currently no travel restrictions for this state. Residents and visitors are advised to wear face coverings if social distancing is not possible, both inside and outside. Travelers are encouraged to avoid closed spaces and crowded places.

Georgia- There are currently no restrictions to travel to this state. Georgia only requires that travelers follow CDC guidelines while visiting the state.

Hawaii- Beginning on Tuesday, June 15th travelers entering the state who have been fully vaccinated in Hawaii may bypass quarantine without a pre-travel test. The vaccination record must be uploaded to safe travels or printed out prior to departure and must have a hard copy in hand when arriving in Hawaii. 

Idaho- There are no statewide travel restrictions to this state. This state recommends following CDC guidelines.

Illinois- There are no travel restrictions for this state. However, the city of Chicago has a separate system that requires Covid-19 testing or quarantine depending on which state you travel from. But as of June 3rd no state was at the threshold to require testing or quarantine. 

Indiana- No travel restrictions.

Iowa- Iowa has no travel restrictions to visit. They strongly recommend following CDC guidelines and calling places of interest to see if there are any limits in place.

Kansas- While mostly open, Kansas has some specific quarantine requirements based on previous travel destinations and when you went there. Here is the list of people who need to quarantine upon arrival to Kansas, including dates and locations. 

  • Traveled on or after June 3 to Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Suriname or Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Traveled on or after May 20 to the countries of Costa Rica or French Guiana. • Traveled on or after May 6 to the countries of India, Maldives or Seychelles.
  • Traveled on or after April 22 to the countries of Argentina or Bahrain. 
  • Traveled on or after April 8 to the country of Uruguay.
  • Traveled between May 20 and June 3 to the countries of Georgia, Lithuania or the Netherlands.
  • Traveled between May 20 and June 3 to Maine or the Colorado counties of Alamosa, Baca, Costilla, Dolores, Mesa, Mineral, Otero, Prowers, Rio Grande, Saguache, Sedgwick or Yuma. 
  • Traveled between May 6 and June 3 to the Colorado counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Archuleta, Conejos, Crowley, Douglas, El Paso, Elbert, Fremont, Huerfano, Jefferson, Larimer or Pueblo.
  • Traveled between May 6 and June 3 to Cabo Verde.
  • Traveled between April 22 and June 3 to Minnesota or Sweden.
  • Attendance at any out-of-state mass gatherings of 500 or more where individuals do not socially distance (6 feet) and wear a mask.
  • Been on a cruise ship or river cruise on or after March 15, 2020.

The quarantine period is 7 days with a negative test result or 10 days without a test. 

Kentucky- Leisure travel is discouraged unless you are fully vaccinated, but has no official travel restrictions in place. 

Louisiana- There are no statewide travel restrictions in place to travel to this state. 

Maine- Visitors from all states are exempt from travel restrictions unless determined otherwise from the Maine CDC. As of June 3rd all states were exempt so no one has to quarantine.

Maryland- No travel restrictions. 

Massachusetts- People are asked to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival. Travelers who are fully vaccinated or have a negative Covid 19 test 72 hours prior to travel are exempt. Visitors may also test once they arrive in the state but are asked to quarantine until they get a negative result. 

Michigan- There are no travel restrictions in place to travel to this state. They recommend following the CDC guidelines to keep safe.

Minnesota- No travel restrictions. 

Mississippi- No travel restrictions.

Missouri- No travel restrictions.

As you can tell by the first half of this list, many states are opening their doors to US residents. You just have to be smart and have the information you need to travel safely. I will list the next 25 states in part 2. If you would like more information please visit this website:

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