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To a Fish, Water is Invisible

Water is to fish as air is to humans, an entity that engulfs our complete surroundings and functions as a part of our daily lives. Water is a necessity to fish, it provides resources and supports the environment needed for survival. Although the water provides all the necessities of life, it equally harbors all the potential threats to us, both of which the fish is unaware of. Synonymously to fish, we are unaware of events, emotions, and even our relationships with those around us.

At some point in our early childhood, we learn that our eyes always see our nose but choose not to include the image in our daily sight. As a result, we become oblivious to a single factor around us, however, this can be applied to many things that surround us. From bad habits of friends that we choose to ignore to simple joys of the world around us. There is a tendency for our senses to become numb to our settings when we become too comfortable, are unaware of anything different, or are under the influence of drugs. As a matter of fact, we become completely immersed in the reality we perceive as opposed to what is actually there. As Marshall McLuhan stated, “...because they [the fish] are completely immersed in it, they live unaware of its existence.”

This can be seen in toxic relationships where one friend is oblivious to the subtle reality that their childhood friend always finds a way to make the issue about themselves as opposed to listening and validating your experiences or emotions. An example of an unhealthy relationship being numbed to an individual would be in season 4, episode 11 of Drake and Josh, “Josh is Done” where Drake realizes how much he depends on his brother as opposed to the other way around. Generally, to break this habit or acknowledge things that you weren’t aware of, clarity may come from a friend bringing it to your attention or reflecting on your current situation and why things are happening the way they are.

"Although both things will take time and acceptance, it is important to keep an open mind and remember that your preconceived biases and thoughts make you unaware of all the things occurring around you."

What the fish chooses to perceive and what it knowingly perceives will significantly determine the fish’s outlook towards problems, relationships, life, etc. If our mind is only looking for what we want— for example, the TV remote— we become fixated solely on that and ignore our surroundings. This can cause one to stump their toe on a corner and in some instances just blindly disregard possible methods of finding the remote. When we perceive only negative thoughts that becomes our natural perception of the world and it becomes harder to indulge in the positive events in life. This does not mean simply ignoring the negativity in your life, but rather acknowledging it and being aware of the possible negative events occurring around you.

This concept also applies on the opposite spectrum as positivity will be more likely to surround those who are appreciating its existence. It can be easier to embrace the negativities in life and say that you are tired so you don’t have to go for a walk or practice daily self care than it is to look at trees on the sidewalk and see brimming life. Something that seems as simple as black and white may become more complex, such as a loved one making you a sandwich that you don’t like for lunch. Although it may seem that they don’t care about your opinion or don’t want to change, it may be important to consider the possibility that maybe that's what they are most comfortable making and they are trying their best. Our awareness for the entirety of a situation and our perception towards events will determine the take away more than the face value of the events themselves. Even embarrassing moments from the past can become learning experiences as opposed to something we simply dwell on. Although many things at face value may seem bland it is important to be aware of life's beauties that simply sit around us. Even fish, from time to time, leap out of the water, and perceive the water differently. The Alchemist summarizes it very well, “The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon.”

Awareness of the dangers and beauty surrounding us is often hard to do but is something that we should be aware of. Even being aware that it is hard to be aware will allow you to be open minded. The best way to practice it is to just reconsider your situation, no matter what you are doing. Consider why you are where you are or if everything in your life adds up. Sometimes 2+2 can equal 5 when you find that missing piece of information that has eluded you. We cannot change what we don’t notice, so be the fish that is aware of the water around him.


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