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The Sky This Week

The Sky This Week: June 22, 2020
by Ollie Donald

 → On Thursday, June 18th, Mercury stationed retrograde in water sign Cancer, which will last until July 12. This retrograde makes space for patterns and habits to break, making room for change. Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, and thinking, and in retrograde it behaves differently. Things may make less sense rationally, and it’s time to change the way you approach the world. Look for new ideas, debunk assumptions you’ve made, and let yourself feel confused. And, remember the host of other planets that are also in retrograde right now—Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto! Venus is the planet next to Mercury, and both Venus and Mercury in retrograde represent looking to the future. Change is taking place, in both personal and political ways—and we’re rediscovering the interconnectivity of the universe. How can we prove that the new ways to be are just as cool as the old ways? Be gentle with yourself if problems arise, and let your communication, travel plans, and relationship to schedules be flexible and loving.

→ The sun enters Cancer in the evening of Saturday, June 20th, marking the first water season of this astrological year, and the beginning of summer! Find where joy and grief connect.

→ A new moon in Cancer and a solar eclipse occur on Sunday, June 21th. The sun, moon, and Mercury are all in Cancer now, and this eclipse will have the biggest impact on the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). Examine who you are now, and how you have changed in the past two years. What looks different? What remains that you still need, and what needs to change? Solar eclipses simulate a need for internal change. For non-Black and non-Indigenous folks: make sure your commitment to anti-racist work continues. Donate and pay reparations, if you can; learn about the need for prison and police abolition; learn whose land you’re really on. For Black, Brown, and Indigenous folks: prioritize self and community care. Feel free to check out these mental health resources, and remember that rest and joy are essential to activism.

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