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Rights of Immigrants: the Prejudice Immigration Policies in the US

Credits: Alex Brandon

The Department of Homeland Security was established on November 25th, 2002, by President George W. Bush after the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th. Under this organization, several sectors were made in order to keep this nation safe, however, the civil rights of individuals surrounding our community have struck a chord in the development of our nation. Civil liberties became a vital part of the Homeland Security Department as it preserves individual liberty, fairness, and equality under the law. Today, there are still many disparities among the various groups in the United States, such as the arising immigration issue at our border. With the implementation of civil liberties, the hope is that within the next twenty years, these issues will begin to dissolve.

The Department of Homeland Security methodology is to secure the privileges provided by the rights listed under the Constitution to provide equal rights for all citizens in order to maintain peace and equality. Although for many this is not the case, throughout the United States we have seen refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants enter this country under extreme circumstances by any means necessary. Due to policies implemented by the prior administration, they are highly ostracized. Undocumented immigrants are working throughout the United States to provide a life for their families who escaped the countries they were persecuted from in order to better themselves and their loved ones. Immigrants also play an integral role in our economy, often filling jobs in agriculture, construction, and hospitality that would otherwise remain vacant. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, no human being can be illegal or outside the protection of the law, but despite this, immigrants are often slandered under the United States government. Former President Donald Trump is guilty of using fear-mongering tactics in which he instills fear by attempting to repeal Deferred Action for  Childhood Arrival in courts and by instilling the “Reforming Americans for a Stronger Economy act”. This act decreases the amount of legal immigration, as well as initiates a government shut down in order to receive funding for border control. Therefore altering fundamental policies surrounding immigration that aid individuals in keeping residency within the United States amongst the American people.

Due to this, the immigration process has become more complicated, thus leaving individuals in sheer panic. The past presidential administration has made numerous efforts in the Supreme Court to repeal DACA, which allowed children at the age of fifteen or younger who have been residing in the United States since they were children to stay for an extended period of time prior to applying for citizenship as well as receive a two-year grant of deferred action from being deported. Additionally, Trump has implemented a policy that immigrant families with children can be detained indefinitely and allow the separation of children from their parents. For many years the United States has prided itself on being a country that welcomed different cultures and traditions, but in today’s society, there has been a complete shift in welcoming migrants despite realizing it or not. For instance, a person who tries to escape the grips of their native country to seek asylum in the United States has to go through the possible terror of being tear-gassed at the border, and once they have “successfully” crossed the border, they may potentially be subjected to racism and stereotypes. The United States has made numerous claims that its main point is to protect and uphold the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, but the rights of immigrants are constantly put at risk and may jeopardize the potential rights of other individuals (citizens and non-citizens) as well.

Many federal agencies within the United States government claim to safeguard civil rights and civil liberties. At this time, in the wake of rising immigration issues and policies that have occurred under Trump’s administration, we have seen the aggressive persecution of immigrants and their families. The Department of Homeland Security has preached that civil rights should guide all human interaction. However, in March of 2018, the removal of DACA was to be in effect, causing 700,000 dreamers to be eligible for deportation, which should have been protected by the government. Each year, millions of people come to the United States for various reasons, such as living in freedom, practicing their religion freely, escaping poverty or oppression, and making better lives for themselves and their children. We are going to see a decline in the number of people entering the United States, as the abuse and stereotypes are publicized within our nation. You may think the border will be secured and the national security of our country will be protected, though the hopes of individuals within the United States will decline as their civil liberties are not the central issue. The Department of Homeland Security’s main priority is to improve the quality of life for all citizens and to embrace civil liberties, and civil rights to all individuals no matter what ethnicity, gender, or religion they are born or identify with. If the United States government does not stop implementing policies that interfere with the rights of individuals that are guaranteed under the constitution, this country will continue to be divided.

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