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November's New Moon

There are still two months left to go for this chaotic, eye-opening, and full of surprises year. As we reach the end of 2022,  we also reach the end of new moons for this year.  November is the month to get your act together, give thanks, and begin mentally preparing yourself for thanksgiving dinner drama. We can’t promise you that November will be a break from the drama you've been a part of this year, but it is an opportunity to change the way you might react to certain things that are in your way. 

If you're situated in the United States,  the New Moon is set to glaze over on November 23rd. The air is getting colder now, but the energy will be what you make of it. Take this time during the full moon to grasp onto new opportunities and momentum that might not have had before. Keep in mind: you wouldn’t have the power if you are not capable of using it.  This is a great time to branch out of your comfort zone and try new things. 

We are entering Sagittarius season on November 22nd, allowing us to be more open to pursuing a journey and seeking high knowledge. Sagittarius season is all about confidence and self-love; the season allows every excuse to focus on yourself. This new moon, in particular, creates spaces to open and focus on spiritual growth and aiming higher towards your new goals. As hard as it might be, take this time and focus on yourself and your happiness. This is not the time to bring yourself down or self-sabotage. Focus on your health and loving yourself as much as you love others. 

There are many things to do this upcoming New Moon that will fill your mind with joy and happiness. It is the perfect time to take your chances and pursue your dreams, and hopes. Get rid of all the junk that might be worthless, it is filling up space that can be used for yoga or painting. Meet up with some friends, and hit the club you have all been raving about for the past month. Take a pottery class in a different city, and have brunch. It is time to dump out the old and ship in the new you, as you deserve this moment for yourself. 


Photo by Benjamin Voros via Unsplash


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