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Full Moon in Aquarius: When All Things Ripen


By Ollie Donald

Full moons are moments of release, illumination, and expansion, and August's Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius will take place at 11:59 am on 8/3. Uranus, the planet of awakening and change and the ruler of Aquarius, will be especially active under this full moon. Uranus will form a 90 degree angle to the sun at the time of the full moon, an angle that represents shakiness, unsteadiness, and uncertainty. Recognize the impacts this energy may have on you, and gently let go of what needs to fall. Invest in the process of tending to your needs as you reflect on the intentions you set during the new moon in Cancer two weeks ago.

This full moon is a good time to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance. Leo suns are all about celebrating abundance, and forward-thinking Aquarius can recognize that scarcity is a myth. The Dakota Sioux call this the Moon When All Things Ripen, and as we celebrate the height of summer, it's time to embrace the possibility of abundant joy. 

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