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NB Backpack Essentials

 By Haley Norris

Whether you are in school or not, the items we carry with us everyday define how our days go. Have you ever left the house without your water bottle or best pen and then the day seemed to continue to unravel? What we carry in our backpacks is a security blanket, something to rely upon.With schools being on the brink of shutting down, we deserve some extra stability and some fun. 

Here are some backpack essentials from the Necessary Behavior team. :)
~Reusable Water Bottle~
“Because it’s so important to stay hydrated when you’re in class all day.”
Staying hydrated is even more important now since we all need to stay in our peak health. Most places have water fountain bottle filler attachments and having a refillable water bottle is a great, easy way to help the environment.
NB Favorites:  Klean Kanteen, Hydroflask, or any bottle from Target
“Probably my favorite thing on this list because I am always trying to stay organized and something about writing down homework, social plans, deadlines, etc. makes me remember them so much easier!”
Especially with more schooling  online, a planner is crucial for remembering all the deadlines or assignments that you might have relied on an in-person class for.
NB Favorites: Papier, Green Dreamer, or TJ Maxx’s wide selection
“Especially with going to school in NYC, I’m always having to grab a quick bite so I have a pouch in my backpack that is dedicated to protein bars, bags of nuts, etc. “
Having a stash of snacks is important because buying snacks as needed can add up financially. I also keep a reusable snack bag on me in case there are free snacks on campus (not a thing right now but normally there are cookies and such).
NB Favorites: Lays, Goldfish, That’s It bars, and Stasher bags
~Lipsticks, Balms, and Glosses~
“My lips are super prone to getting chapped so that is a huge must have, especially for the colder months ahead!”
This is my favorite lipstick. I almost never wear lipstick but it’s great to dab a little bit on my lips and cheeks whenever I’m feeling it.”- Referencing the F*ck Trump Lipslut
NB Favorites: Lipslut and Chapstick with Aloe
~Travel and Safety~
“This is everything for city students, it’s essentially your passport around the 5 boroughs! I always keep it in the front pocket of my bag or in my phone case for easy access.” Referencing the Metrocard
Whether you are walking to class or going home for the day, personal safety is always on the forefront of our minds. Some campuses have restrictions against pocket knives or stun guns, so rape whistles and pepper spray are must-haves for your backpack. Be mindful to check the expiration date on your pepper spray!
I like to keep an extra charger for each of my devices in my pack. Also headphones, I normally have an ear bud pair and an over-the-ear set so I have options. Weather is the main determiner of which set I use for that day. Last year, my laptop became more of a desktop so instead of buying a new laptop, I got an IPAD and it is way easier to transport and use quickly. I got a cheap Bluetooth keyboard with it as well.
NB Favorites: Beats, Skullcandy, and 5Below chargers
~There is still a Pandemic~
Keeping a spare mask or two in your pack makes you safe and the people around you. Never be caught spreading those germs! Remember one layer of fabric is NOT effective. 2+ is the way to go.
When you don't have access to running water, please continue using hand sanitizer after interacting with objects or people.
NB  Favorites: Touchland Hand Sanitizer, Arxotica’s Tundra Moss Hand Sanitizer Gel
Truth is during school time, I do not get to do nearly as much recreational reading as I would like. I normally have 2-3 books in my backpack that I read when I have downtime at work, stuck in traffic, or between classes/meetings.
NB Favorites: No One is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama, The Unnatural World by David Biello
~Miscellaneous Must Haves~
House of Intuition, Peaks of Victory Oil Blend
Perfect before tests, anything stressful, or days where I’m just not feeling 100%.”
Alien Apothecary, Moon, Energy, Yule, and Ground Oil
“These are my favorite oils and I roll them on multiple times every day.”
Vampire Blood and Dinosaur Pez Dispenser
“You never know when you need fake blood - need an excuse to get out of something? Sudden bloody nose. Pez is just for fun.”
House of Intuition, Doe and Dove on FB; Various Crystals
“My favorites are pyrite, citrine, and carnelian but I’ll throw in different stones every few days depending on what I’m feeling.”
I go to my local rock shop and am often purchasing bloodstones.
Green Turtle Botanicals, Herbal Healing Salve
As someone who gets hives easily, I have found that having a salve on hand is needed. Cold winter months dry out your hands? Salve.

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