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How to Have a Covid Free Summer in 2022

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Summer 2022 is quickly approaching and I’m sure we’re all ready to enjoy warm weather, rest, and take advantage of all our favorite summer events we have missed since the beginning of the pandemic. However, while you’re out and about this summer, don’t forget we are STILL in a pandemic. It might seem like the virus that must not be named has disappeared with the number of people opting to not wear a mask increasing and the lifting of mask mandates but nope! Covid-19 still exists, and we still need to practice caution. 


Things have definitely progressed since the beginning of the pandemic as about 77% of people in the United States are at least partially vaccinated and about 66% are fully vaccinated. The virus is still spreading and while many of us may not feel the impact further than a cold and a few weeks at home, for others the impact can be much more severe— especially for our immunocompromised peers. Immunocompromised individuals are more at risk for serious illness after contracting COVID-19 and have a higher mortality rate. In the U.S., about 3% of the population is considered moderately to severely immunocompromised.  It is a privilege to be able to go out freely without fearing for your life, so this summer make sure you continuously practice caution to not heighten the spread of Covid-19. 


Covid-19 may have a greater chance of spreading during large events such as those being held in the summer. Coachella 2022 is a perfect example of why we should still be practicing safe procedures when going to these events. Coachella is a music and arts festival held annually in California over two consecutive weekends. This year, it occurred in April and after the first weekend, the cities in the area where the event was held reported a 77% increase. So, it is essential we practice precaution for a Covid-free summer, and here’s some advice on how you can still do that this summer. 


Keep Wearing Your Mask

Whenever you’re inside a public space and not eating, still wear your mask! This is especially important during big events. I know it's easy to get caught up in having a good time but try to remember to wear a mask when it’s appropriate. I promise it’ll not only make you safer but it’ll make everyone else around you feel safer too! 

Socially Distance

Continue to socially distance! I know this is not always practical, but continue to maximize how unnecessarily close you are to others when possible— even when you’re outside. 

Limit How Much You go to Big Events

I know we are all excited to experience our favorite events like festivals that have been canceled the past two years but consider not going to every event you would pre-covid. Taking it easy can lessen the chances of you catching or spreading covid. 

If You’re Sick, Stay Home

If your throat is a little itchy, you have a little cough, and it’s not allergies, you should probably stay home. Whether you're missing work or the event of a lifetime, everyone would appreciate it if you stayed home and didn’t spread whatever you have— even if it’s not covid!


I know it seems like the world is finally opening back up and we are able to enjoy doing activities we have missed for so long due to the pandemic. However, the pandemic is not over and we must remember to be considerate of not only our immune-compromised friends but everyone. So consider these tips for a safe and fun summer!  

Here are some tips from the CDC to stay safer at gatherings of all sizes. 

And here are some safer outdoor activities! 


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