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How to fight against Roe Vs Wade Being Overturned

Hannah Fingerhut

The news that Roe vs Wade was overturned in the U.S.—causing for half of the population to lose a right that they were entitled to—shocked the entire nation. This decsison made by the Supreme Court gave states the right to outlaw abortion. Nobody would like a law that they are entitled to being withheld from them. So let’s talk about how we can regain that right with this guide to educate you on fighting for your rights and what Roe vs Wade overturning means.

Roe Vs Wade Overturned

Roe vs. Wade was a Supreme Court case that occurred on January 22nd,1973. This case     

 concerned whether or not women should have the right to have abortions. It was a landmark decision with seven in favor of giving women the right to have abortions and two saying that they should not have the right to abortion. As of June 24th, 2022 Roe vs. Wade was overturned resulting in State courts gaining the power to ban abortion in their states. Many individuals are not satisfied with the decision that women are losing a right that they were entitled to and want to fight back. According to Justice Stephen Breyer, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Justice Elena Kagan they state " With sorrow — for this Court, but more, for the many millions of American women who have today lost a fundamental constitutional protection — we dissent."

How to fight for your rights

When it comes to fighting for your rights there is no physical harm that you can inflict on the government that will make them change it to your liking. Instead, we must attack the government with facts and numbers. We must use the masses because a government operates off of its people/citizens and without the support of its people it can not function. If we have a large majority of the population fighting for a right, their voices will be heard. When people protest they are announcing their opinions to the public in an effort to inspire change 

There are many ways that we can attack with the masses and facts. We can do this by either having a petition, protest, voting, or strike.

  1. A petition is a request to do something to a government official and is a document signed by numerous people to show how big the problem is and how many people agree with the solution that the people have signed for.
  1. A protest is when people show their disapproval of something in groups to the government no matter the punishment and if there are a lot of people their voices will be heard and this can possibly inspire change.
  1. A strike is when a group of workers organize a time where they will not work in protest, usually in an effort to obtain some sort of concession from their employer. If many people do not work it will negatively affect the society and the government will have to at the very least listen to their demands. 
  1. Voting is when people register a vote towards what they believe is right. Voting is used to elect someone,make a decision and more. Voting is done after a discussion or debate.

These are some ways to fight for our rights. But there is one issue that stems from these solutions which is that you need to find many people with the same goals as you and the same resolve to fight for change. If you have a small crowd with you the government can just ignore them but if the crowd is big enough to influence the flow of society the government will be more likely to hear your voices and have a higher possibility of change. The main thing is finding a group with similar ideals. For petitions you can find other people with similar ideals at, in this website you can find or create a petition that suits you and what you are fighting for. You can find nearby protests by simply looking at the news because if a protest occurs it is generally on the news or you can check for any protests that are occurring near you. Finally for strikes you should first talk to your coworkers so you know how many other people will participate with you. You should also have a discussion with your boss if you plan to take off of work to protest

The masses are not all that is needed to gain a right. Knowledge is also needed. Knowledge of the constitution and what the people are entitled to as citizens. You must know a lot about the government,the amendments, and constitution. If you find a saying in the constitution that supports your cause or what you are fighting for you can use that in court if you are called in and want to say something to support you.

Now you have been given some of the necessary information about the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and how to fight for your rights. Many people are mad about the case being overturned but now they can do something about it. Don’t wait! Gather your group that wants to fight for the same thing and show the government that you have power too. Show us what you're capable of and update us on your progress at making a change.

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