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How to Cope During Your Last Semester of College

After three and a half years, seven semesters filled with loans, long studious nights, ruined and created friendships, you are finally in the last semester of college before going into adulthood. For many, the last semester is one of the most redefining and pivotal moments in your life. It’s where you realize that you technically have learned almost all the necessary materials to enter the working force, conceptualize that you are an active adult in society, and begin paving your own path. This could be one of the most overwhelming experiences to embrace and accept as no matter your situation, whether you have no clue if you took the right major or if you have a job lined up after the semester is over, the begging question that comes indiscriminately to all is “What now?”

Typically, this is accompanied with the expected pressing conversations that include questions like “What’s your plan?” or “Where do you want to work?” Well in case anyone hasn’t told you yet, you do not need to have a definite bullet-pointed plan for the rest of your life. As a matter of fact, if you have an endgame idea of where or what you want to be, you can backtrack and figure out what your next steps should be. This can range from securing a connection that you wanted to make or asking a professor for future professional advice to something as mundane as joining a team or asking out a crush.

The last semester of college is certainly a hectic one because it’s where you take the hardest classes of your college experience or you take it easy and you have to start thinking about when you will move out or what career you desire. One of the biggest things that you can overlook with the overwhelming transition is missing credits or required classes to graduate. It is extremely crucial to discuss with your guidance counselor or those responsible for your department about any and all requirements needed for graduation and any events or opportunities that may be provided by the institution.

Regardless of what may be coming forward, embrace the present so that when it comes time to reflect on the past and you think about your college experience it wasn’t something only related to learning. Experience things that you may not have time for in the future. Volunteer or go to a frat party and talk shit about everyone there with a friend. Smoke a joint or eat chalk. It is important to know that no matter how overwhelming or underwhelming the situation may be, make sure you make the most of the experience in a balanced work and social schedule.

During this transition in life, there is a great possibility that you will encounter many negative events which, although it sounds discouraging, happens to everyone. Don’t be discouraged from possible rejections by jobs and continue to move forward. It is important to recognize that things will not always work out and that the little bumps of discouragement that come your way is merely white noise in your path. Lastly, and most importantly, it is not good to compare your situation towards other people who are more successful around you. One of the biggest comparisons we like to make is towards our parents or peers but the reality is no matter what point you are in during your life, you will always be trying to grow, better your situation, and think what’s next? 

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