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My Black Hair in a White World

(image from Pinterest)

By Dontraneece Gordon


My hair isn't a rebellion.

My hair isn't a political issue.

My hair is my crown.

Myself and thousands of other Black women remember our mothers and aunts combing, straightening, rolling, and perming our hair until it was straight and shiny. 

After chemically treating and changing the entire structure of my hair for years, I've decided I wanted to go back to my curly,  kinky roots. I shouldn't have to straighten my hair to be approved by society, a job, or anything else. Curly, coily, or kinky hair shouldn't be the judgment factor for doing or getting hired at a job! 

There have been instances of people being rejected and discriminated against because of what simply grows out of their scalp naturally! Brittany Noble Jones was fired for braids and was deemed unprofessional. DeAndre Arnold almost didn't graduate highschool because he had dreadlocks. Asia Simo was kicked off her school's cheer team for her hair being too thick for an half up half down look. Youtuber Sophia Wishes was confronted and discriminated against for wearing a braid out to work.

In my eyes, this is the equivalent of rejecting a bald man from becoming a chef at a restaurant, simply because he's bald. He could have trained and worked in kitchens around the world, but no, we won't hire him because he is bald and doesn't conform to a professional standard. 

We have seen and heard the beauty standard, straight hair, fair skin and thin nose, but we don't have any of that! 

I myself am transitioning from permed hair back to natural and loving my journey. So if your hair is kinky or coily, love it and even if you're still straightening, that's okay too! It's gotten to where the United States now have hair laws to stop discrimination among African American hair in schools and workplaces, it is not a serious "issue". 

People are homeless, children are being neglected, but everyone is so worried over whether we wear a sleek ponytail, braids, or dreadlocks to work or school.

My hair isn't a rebellion.

My hair isn't a political issue.

My hair is my crown. AND NO YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT!

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